The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is disrupting the supply chain and some companies in the paint and coatings industry are pledging to monitor the situation carefully.

For Sun Chemical, this includes its raw material and intermediate suppliers and logistics providers.

“Proactively managing our customer orders, inventory levels, in-transit shipments and open order levels is a critical path for us,” said Jeffrey Shaw, chief supply chain officer, Sun Chemical. “We have established control teams to manage each of these areas and take the required precautions in order to prevent any supply disruptions. Specifically focusing on individual materials and suppliers will enable us to take any necessary precautions.”
After the company released a Q&A for customers, Shaw offered an additional statement.

“While some regions in the world continue to improve, other regions are facing unprecedented challenges,” he said. “At Sun Chemical, we continue to monitor our global supply chain, proactively manage each of our sites and warehouses, and frequently communicate with our supply base.

“At this time our manufacturing and warehouse sites continue to operate, raw materials continue to flow, and logistics providers continue to ship materials in a timely manner,” Shaw continued. “With new governmental regulations enforced and varying restrictions in place around the world, we continue to work with all our stakeholders to make sure the fulfilment process works in an undisrupted manner.

“We have a vast global network in place to manage these changes and an integrated supply chain approach,” he added. “Inventory levels remain in place while we continue to fulfil customer orders. In the event of further changes, we will work with customers to make sure we provide the best level of service.”