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Concept Paints, a division of Chilmix PTY Limited, is an Australian family owned company based in Sydney, specialising in the manufacture of automotive, industrial and ancillary paint products.

Our company commenced its operation in St Mary’s back in 1994 and today, we’re still located on the original site where it all began. When we first commenced our operations, we mainly focused our efforts on producing a small number of automotive related products. During those early days, we set out establishing a distribution network based in and around all capital cities of Australia.

Since then, Concept Paints’ distribution network has increased expediently, leading us to transform the structure of our manufacturing capabilities, as well as investing in the redevelopment of our current site and the acquisition of our new warehouse distribution centre in Emu Plains.

The success of our company’s growth is purely contributed to the performance of our products and the strong distribution network our company has developed over the years.

Overseas opportunities have also arisen, having now developed a number of new international markets outside Australia including, America, Canada, South America, The Middle East, The South Pacific, Asia and New Zealand.

As a forward thinking company who prides itself on the strength of our R&D capabilities, we have successfully introduced a number of new products, specifically designed for the automotive refinish industry.

One such product a world first, truly remarkable and a success for Australian manufacturing, compared to what was traditionally on offer, is our Concept Paints NO Mix™ Basecoat System, which was engineered right here in Australia by Concept Paints.

NO MIX™ as the name suggests does away with having to maintain or run expensive machinery and the technology built around the NO MIX™ System, is a masterpiece of human creativity.

Due to the strong NO MIX™ sales results achieved to date, we have positioned our company to handle the forecasted increase in future activity as part of our long-term strategic plans to capture greater market share in all the countries we are represented in today.

When choosing Concept Paints as your preferred supplier, it is our mission to be recognised as an innovative paint manufacturer, committed to providing products and services of the highest quality which meet and delight the needs of our customers. We are also committed to upholding our moral obligation and responsibility by further reducing our impact on the environment through our products and services.

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